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Trust Machines - Venn-ything Goes #01
Venn-ything Goes #01
Trust Machines story
"Hey guys!" the blonde girl called out and winked into the camera, the black haired boy next to her doing the same. 
"So,-" she continued, "-it's been a couple of days, but now Johnny and me are back with the first episode of our video blog Venn-ything Goes. Since the last episode was kind of introductory, we've decided to label it #00. We got a ton of feedback by you and you had some really crazy-shit ideas regarding our next transformation. We'll tell you the winner shortly, but before, Johnny and me would like to tell you how the eight hours in each other's body felt. To do so, Steve has interviewed us shortly after we changed back. Here's the video!" 
The image changed to that of a living room. On a couch, Amanda and Johnny were sitting, but in the next momen
:iconclancy688:clancy688 20 35
Trust Machines - Career Day
Trust Machines - Career Day
A large group of teenagers was milling around outside the mall, under a large banner stating that it was ‘Career Day - New Options, New Ideas’.
“Why exactly are we here at opening time on the first Saturday of summer?” asked one girl from a small cluster of friends.
“Because none of us made the cut even for the local college, Kate.  You know that as well as I do.  Do any of us have prospects?”
Kate sighed, and shook out her blonde, uncombed hair.  “Your cousin Gary got worse grades than us.  Why isn’t he here?”
“Because he’s apprenticing to be a plumber.  Can’t outsource getting your toilets unplugged.”
The doors opened, and the little group filed in with the others.  A few stores past the entrance the mall opened out into a large function space.  Sometimes it was used for flower shows, or to display cars.  Today it was rin
:icondkfenger:dkfenger 36 14
TG TF Princess by K1tty-Marshmell0w TG TF Princess :iconk1tty-marshmell0w:K1tty-Marshmell0w 266 24
Trust Machines - Snake in the Glass
(Featuring characters by JMD1961)
Tina and a petite mousegirl were sitting in Bradley Sherwood’s office, waiting for their boss to arrive.
The mousegirl looked down at her fuzzy body and sighed.  “Do I have to do this?”
“Who forgot the wrapper, and as a result left me naked in the Venn Machine when they changed me back?”
Amy quietly squeaked, “I did.”  
“And who was slow enough on the uptake that I ended up exposed to everyone in the mall?”
“Me again.  And I offered to be anything to make it up to you.  But I didn’t think you’d make me go to work like this!”
Tina grinned down at her girlfriend possessively.  “You’re so cute like this I just had to keep you.  And face it.  You love it when I’m this much bigger and stronger than you.”
Amy blushed, ducking her face into her paws.  “At home, sure.  Not at work!”
Bradley Sherwood stro
:icondkfenger:dkfenger 20 37
Trust Machines - Victor
Trust Machines - Victor
In a normal world, Phil thought, you didn't have to worry about this kind of thing.  A bouncer by inclination and build, Phil spent some of his down time volunteering for Goodwill.  His usual job, the one he was doing tonight, was to pick up donations from the various Goodwill boxes around town.
Lately, he had to add another step.  All the bags had to be trucked over to the local mall, and tossed into the Venn Machine before taking them back to the main Goodwill store where they clothes would be cleaned and sorted out to racks.  It never failed - every week there was at least one transformed person in among the clothes.
Phil didn't begrudge the extra work, though.  He'd stop and talk with whoever ended up popping up, as they were usually grateful for the early rescue.  They always had interesting stories to tell.  Which was why Phil had sworn on his honor never ever to enter one of those boxes
:icondkfenger:dkfenger 31 32
Mature content
Trust Machines - Summer Fun :icondkfenger:dkfenger 27 12
Trust Machines - Mail Order
Trust Machines - Mail Order
Imagine, if you will, a large leather-bound portfolio.  Inside it, carefully inserted into protective sleeves, are picture after picture of foreign women on heavy, glossy photo-stock.  Some cute, some posed sexily, some barely smiling.  Each picture represents a real girl, in the most literal of senses.  They were turned into pictures of themselves for a year or more by a Venn Machine, and mailed to another country to find husbands.
After paging through the portfolio for a while, a question preyed on my mind.  “What’s it like to be a picture like this for months?”
The middle-aged woman who was minding the store smiled as she answered.  “A lot of people ask that.  Our agency makes every employee spend a week in the catalog when they start, so we all know what it feels like.  I can arrange for a first-hand experience, if you’d like.  There’s a reason we set up shop close to Venn M
:icondkfenger:dkfenger 32 10


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